How to sell a business

The 1 , 2, 3 process.

Hire a qualified Business Broker:

He/She should have expertise in business valuations, acquisitions and divestitures fairness and ethics are central to the broker/agent's business values (Ace strives to meet these qualifications).

Set a price for your business:


Develop a Business Profile:

First impressions are important and the compiling of business information in a professional manner is very important.

Finding the buyer:

Your broker will assist.

Review offers and meet buyers:

After buyers are pre-qualified and the confidentiality procedures are in place, a meeting is arranged with the buyer the agent must also plan the build up of interest culminating in the letter of intent or offer and finally the purchase agreement.

Work with buyers through due diligence:

After the basic price and terms are agreed on, other conditions have to be addressed before the deal can close. Your agent should provide you with detailed instructions as to what has to be done to ensure that the conditions are removed from the offer so that the deal can be successfully completed.